Working Moms Ultimate Morning Routine: How to create no rush mornings

working mom creating a morning routine


As a working mom, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to balance work and family life. Mornings, in particular, can be a chaotic struggle. From picking out clothes to preparing lunch, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless tasks.


To simplify my mornings, I created a routine that helped me, and my daughter get to work and school on time without feeling rushed or stressed. I understand that many other working moms face similar challenges, which is why I'm sharing my tips for creating a calm and organized morning routine.


By following these tips, you can start your day on a positive note and set yourself up for success:


1. Prepare the night before 


Please have your children place homework in their backpacks and sign any essential documents. I make it a habit to do the same with my work bag. 


Load the dishwasher at night, so it’s not a task you must complete in the morning. 


2. Wake up before the children. 


Get a 15-30 minute head start by getting ready before the children wake up. By doing this, I don’t have to rush to get ready. Of course, rest is essential, so you don’t have to wake up an hour early, but a few minutes will make a big difference.


3. No distractions 


Being a working mom, you might have emails or text messages to check when you first wake up.


However, that’s another reason it is essential to wake up earlier, so there aren’t any distractions.


If checking your phone is not necessary for work, keep it put away.


Don’t pull it out to look at social media or update a status.


Keep the television turned off. You don’t need any distractions that could potentially put you behind schedule. 


4. Plan breakfast for the entire week.


I would spend at least 5 minutes deciding what to make for breakfast.


To make matters worse, I would ask my daughter what she wanted.


She is a picky eater, so that took time trying to figure out what’s best. Make simple choices and schedule breakfast meals for the week. 


Week 1: Cereal and milk 

Week 2: Oatmeal and fruit 

Week 3: Blueberry Pancakes 

Week 4: Waffles and strawberries


5. Simple Hairstyles


My daughter has naturally thick curly hair, so it takes time to detangle and moisturize it.


I don’t have the time to detangle it and style it every morning. I’ve tried twisting it the night before, but that becomes very tiresome. 


Braids have been a problem solver. She gets her hair braided every 3-4 weeks, saving us time every morning.


It would help if you considered other simple hairstyles: buns, ponytails, half-up, half-down, etc.


No matter their age, culture, or hair texture, these are hairstyles that any little girl can wear.


Most importantly, do not try any new hairstyles in the morning. If there is a new hairstyle you would like to try, practice it the night before or over the weekend.


Attempting a unique style in the morning will be frustrating because it might come out differently than you want it, and there is a time constraint. 


6. Preparing clothes for the week. 


I found a DIY project on Pinterest to accomplish this task(the picture above). 


I bought two 3-drawer plastic organizers and labeled them Monday through Friday. I used vinyl stickers to complete the labeling part.


Sunday is my designated laundry day. As part of my routine, I prepare my daughter's clothes for the week by placing an outfit, along with any accessories, in each of her drawers.


Another useful DIY project I came across was creating a hair bow organizer for girls.


I painted two wooden letters (my daughter’s initials) and hot glued a ribbon string to each letter.


Next, I hung both letters on the wall with a tack and clipped all her bows to the ribbons. 


Both projects are easy and fun to create. In addition, they will bring ease to your morning routine.


7. Pack easy lunches 


Buy ready-to-go items when you are grocery shopping.


You can grab these very quickly and place them in the lunch box.


I pack small lunchables, packaged apple slices, frozen pb&j, juice boxes, chips, etc. Some items go in containers or Ziplocs, like grapes and pretzels.


You can prep these items the night before, so they are a quick and easy grab. 


If you're a working mom, these tips and tools are a lifesaver. They'll assist you in establishing a morning routine that is both time-efficient and practical.


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