Ways Every Mom Can Set and Achieve Massive Goals: 5 Empowering Tips to Start

How to be successful as a mom and achieve your goals


At the top of every month, I write out every goal I expect to achieve. I take it further and break my goals into action steps. Writing down my goals gives me a visual of what I’m trying to accomplish in a certain amount of time. 

This habit helps me to hold myself accountable for not only setting goals but also achieving them. As a mother, following your dreams and maintaining familial responsibilities can be challenging. However, you can absolutely do it! I’m a mother who has graduated college twice, works in my dream field, and owns a business. It can be tricky sometimes, but I can see results when I set goals and stick to them. 

I will share my tips and the habits I follow to succeed. They will give you the knowledge you need to start setting goals and working towards them TODAY!

writing goals daily monthly yearly

1. Write your goals

The best way to write your goals is to break them down into categories: career, personal, family, spiritual, business, travel, etc. Then, take it further and write action steps for each goal. 

Example:  The Goal: Go back to school in the fall

       Action Steps: -Search for online programs

                               -Research scholarships

                               -Apply to schools 

                               -Write college essays

                               -Create a plan

Identify how long you believe it will take you to accomplish each goal. It could be next month, 3 months, 9 months, or a year from now. This is the timeframe you’ll hold yourself accountable for accomplishing your goal. 

I created goal-setting printables so that you can organize your goals into segments for the entire year.

Please ensure you’re being realistic with your timeframe, which depends on the goal. You don’t want to get overwhelmed because you’re not seeing results, and that’s due to the unreasonable timeframe you’ve set. 


2. Pace yourself 

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Please do not overwhelm yourself by focusing on the goal so much that you lose yourself. Set aside time every week that you can dedicate towards your goal. This will discipline you to be consistent and not take from your familial responsibilities. 

You can balance time with your family and work towards your goals. 

Celebrate your small wins. Little successes pave the way for bigger achievements. 


3. Be consistent. 

Consistency and discipline are the key factors to achieving any goal. It would be best if you continued to pursue the dream long after the mood you set it in has gone away. There will be days when you don’t feel like waking up early, going to the gym, or studying, but you must discipline yourself. 

If you only do what it takes to succeed when you feel like it, you’ll never get to where you’re supposed to be.


Success is within reach. Rejoice.

4. Believe in yourself 

Are you speaking self-doubt or manifesting your dreams? You must affirm yourself every single day. There is power in your words and thoughts. Do not allow negative thoughts to become a reality. If you have negative thinking, replace it by saying something positive. 

You have enough critics; don’t become one towards yourself. Get your mind going in the right direction. Speak these affirmations over your life daily. 

I am enough. 

I will accomplish my goals and dreams. 

I have what it takes to become the most successful version of myself. 

I am beautiful. 

Everything I touch will prosper. 

I can and I will. 

I am creating my dream life. 

This is my year.

I am worthy of everything good in life. 

I deserve everything I desire. 

If no one else believes in me, I believe in me. 

I love to create a vision board every year with these affirmations on it. Grab your Vision Board Affirmation Cards by clicking the link. 

Even if it seems like your dreams aren't coming true, have faith that they will.


5. Know your why

Why is it essential for you to accomplish that goal? 

Your “why” must be significant because that will keep you going when you feel like giving up. Everyone sometimes needs an extra push, and your “why” does just that. 

One of my reasons for staying consistent in growing my online business is to achieve financial freedom for my family. When the reward exceeds the sacrifice, it will keep you anchored and unwavering.   

Acknowledge your “why” to drive you forward despite the opposition and challenges.


You can accomplish any goal you set your mind to. Use being a mother to drive you toward greatness. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that you’re reading this article. You can have anything your heart desires, and everything you touch will prosper. Take these tips I’ve given you and start applying them today!

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